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Post production editing for Audio Books, Podcasts, Videos, Intro/Outros, Programs/Courses, Guided Journeys, Meditations, Documentaries & Film


Audio Editing

We can take your raw audio tracks and edit out errors, fix background noise levels, add de-esser and equalize vocal tone.

Post Production

When the audio file is clean and clear of errors, we can add special effects and reverbs along with adding some background music.



We will finalize your recording with optimal levels for your deszireed output. The final soundfile can be in any format you need – .wav | .aif | flac | m4a | orb | mp3

Sound Effects

Need special effects, nature sounds, robot voices, echos, panning, etc. added to your recordings, we offer many choices to select from for that unique recording.

Background Music

Looking for a special feel behind your voice tracks, we can create a custom compositon unique to your message. Simple lead-ins to full scores or lead-outs to compliment your unique brand.

Video Editing

Need audio added to your videos, we can put together all your clips matched up to the soundtrack. Special effects, titling, animation & creative touches to relay your messages.

About US

With over 25 years of professional experience in creating Online Digital Content, we offer our combined creative talents to help you develop your project from Concept to Completion.

Gary Chambers – sound designer, composer, keyboard synthesist, musician

JoAnn Chambers – web developer, graphic artist, voice talent, audio & video editor

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