DNAvatar Teachers Program

Becoming a DNAvatar Teacher is a spiritual calling and something that will speak to you from a deep place in your being. Review the info below and go within to see if this is the right place for you to put some of your time and energy. Being honest, we don't want to spend time with those who are not sure that this is really part of their path.

A Calling to be of Service:
  • As part of your awakening journey, do you feel that an aspect of your personal mission is to help others evolve and find their place in the emerging 5th World architecture?
  • Do you desire to shift your current income stream from a corporate structured format to one with more creative expression and alignment with your deeper Soul Essence?
  • Are you ready to spread more Light on the Planet to assist in the current evolutionary cycle?
  • Are you interested in supplemental or primary income sources that are connected to Light-based technologies?
  • Would you like to share our transformational multidimensional QSET music with small or large groups?
  • Would you like to increase your Abundance on all levels?
  • Are you a Student and/or a Teacher of Higher Dimensional Information?
  • As you look back over your life path, is sound and music something you have always felt a deep personal Soul level connection with?

If you are answering yes to most or all of these questions, then consider becoming a teacher or facilitator dedicated to sharing this work across the planet. Whether your goal is to use our music during your transition towards your greater work on the planet or you see it as a key aspect of the work you have come here to do, we invite you to start exploring how our soundscapes can enhance whatever type of higher information you are presenting.

Ideas to explore:
  • providing background music during workshops to hold higher space
  • supporting frequencies for guided journeys and inner explorations
  • enhancing meditations, shamanic journeys and multidimensional travels
  • stimulating movement or conscious dance events
  • offering energetic support for channeled guidance sessions
  • explorations of creative expression via art or writing
  • preparing space for activations & initiations
  • initiating downloads & transmissions of higher information
  • adding background support for personal therapy sessions

We offer this opportunity as a way to spread more Light on the Planet by using our DNAvatar Program along with any of the soundscapes in ShapeshifterDNA's catalog as a tool to assist others in increasing their connections to Source Vibration/Universe/God/Goddess. As you are shifting your sources of income to opportunities and projects that are in support of Light-based products and services, this is one of those supplemental incomes that will help you to maintain more consistent alignment with the higher realms. This project fully embodies all aspects of the new 5th World business models by creating synergy, sharing, collaborating, co-creating, giving and receiving Light, as well as increasing abundance and your income.

You can begin by learning more about this work with the intention of one day becoming a certified DNAvatar teacher. Currently, no requirements or fees are requested of you to begin this adventure except that you purchase the DNAvatar modules and start engaging with the soundscapes. See where it takes you and always enjoy the journey and the mysteries it brings to your life. Your current focus is to continue to acquire all the soundscapes, books and DVDs in our catalog and expand your studies in all areas of related topics. We encourage you to explore other's works and teachings so that you have a very eclectic background and knowledge base when it comes to teaching this work to others. Try not to get fixated in one mythology over another. We will always encourage you to remain open to others viewpoints and research, as this modality is an evolving field of study and personal exploration. You will need to explore teachings from hard edge sciences to the fringes of metaphysical concepts and all will be valuable to the greater evolution of humanity.

How do I become a Teacher for this work ?

At this time, we do not have anything official set up because it is really about you logging in many personal hours of inner explorations with the soundscapes. If you feel you are ready or at least feel you want to head in this direction, your next step would be to start talking to JoAnn and developing a focus. Even if you are at a place where you want to start moving in this direction you could benefit from regular communications with JoAnn. From the initial group of people who feel strongly focused about sharing this work, a team will form to create some type of certification program. If this is of interest, be sure to contact JoAnn.

How do I start sharing them?

Start where you are. Don't get overwhelmed with plans and details or setting up a curriculum. It is more important to take it slow and listen to what others say to you about the music. Start with one friend or invite a few friends over to your house and just share the music with them. Open up a discussion afterwards to let them share their experiences. Start with one of our beginning soundscapes and don't push them too far too fast. Don't feel that you need to have answers to all the questions or feel the need to respond to each of their experiences. This is less about teaching and more about experiencing. At this point, you are just sharing and learning together. Start with the Free Intros and then move to the DNAvatar Module #1 which is full of great information in which you could create a series of classes from.

If you want to go further, you can go to yoga studios or healing centers and see if they are open to having a sound healing event set up. There are many possibilities out there to explore – festivals, conventions, health fairs, expos, etc.

In addition to sharing them in workshops/classes, we do have other project opportunities that are in alignment with some of our future visions. This is for entrepreneurs, web developers, social networking, artists, creatives, DJs, VJs, etc. We are also seeking investors to help fund our projects, so if you have money to invest or know of people who like to invest in consciousness-raising projects, let us know. We are going to be working on conscious dance/movement music. We are planning to send this music out possibly to transformational festivals and expos and will need teams of people to work on this. We envision sacred geometric art installations filled with our sounds. If this is of interest to you, contact JoAnn to start discussions.

Can you suggest a basic format for these events?

Start with an overview of Visionary Music, ShapeshifterDNA and Gary & JoAnn Chambers and what multidimensional music and DNA Activation is. You should be able to get this info by reviewing our websites and becoming familiar with our information. Explain the basic concepts of the music and what it can be used for. Images for learning how to start working with multidimensional musicUse the Become the Music guided journey as an introduction for learning how to engage more deeply with the music. Use the visual aids of the 5 images (available in Module #1 workbook) as your main teaching tool to explain this concept to them. You may start by playing a few short pieces like any single track from Healing, Touch of Angels or 11:11 and let people share their experiences afterwards. Then you could play a full soundscape and let people fully immerse themselves in the sounds. Once the music is over, leave them in total silence for 10-15 minutes just to experience the vibrations in their body as well as the environment and the others in the room. Following this, encourage everyone to share something about their experience. Ask others to just listen to them without judging their experiences or feeling the need to offer assistance or instruction on what they shared. The idea would be to make it a very safe and open space for people to try to share information that is sometimes difficult to put into words. Try not to overload them with information for the mental body, but to show them how to shift into a state of alignment with their Higher Self and their higher guidance teams. You'll find them to be much more receptive to the information once they have an experience with the sounds.

Close the event by giving everyone a brochure of the music and encourage them to start their own adventures at home. Tell them to begin with the DNAvatar program or suggest a beginning soundscape from the catalog to start with. You can offer discounts for group purchases also, which you can discuss with JoAnn. We can set up an account so that you can order products online for your customers (CDs or downloads).

Also you may want to promote your own work, so be sure you have information to hand to them if you have services or products that you offer as well. You could also create a new catalog using a combination of your information and ours. You may rewrite any of our copy and use our images as you feel it would express your unique creative essence more clearly. If you do this, be sure to send a copy to JoAnn for approval.

You can build on this initial event by doing a 4 week class on the DNA Activation LevelOne series, focusing on 1 CD each week or month. You can also do one class on each CD in our catalog. As our DNAvatar modules are released you will have new material to share as well. We want you to be creative and expand on your ideas as this grows – you can also do more than just have them lay quietly and listen, you could incorporate movement, yoga, dance, creative writing, sketching, painting and drawing. Eventually as you expand your personal catalog, you can move into the more advanced work with the DNA 1.5 Lucidity and then the DNA.L2 series and then the DNA Level3. You will be able to earn back the investment you will need to make personally with this series by holding weekend retreats. Get Creative.

What qualifications/trainings/teachings should I have before I begin?

First, we want you to have worked with the soundscapes and/or the DNAvatar Program you are sharing for at least 3-6 months consistently, so that you have some deeper understanding of how this music can affect you. This amount of time will depend on your previous studies related to this work. As for knowledge, it would be good for you to have read the DNA Activation book and both books in The Sonic Keys series. This will give you a good overall base of knowledge to share with the group as questions are asked. Of course the deeper you go in our work, the more you will know over time. We suggest you review our Itunes podcasts to learn more as well; there are several interviews there with us from over the years. The more you know, the more comfortable you will be with expanding your teaching of this work. All of this will build your knowledge and give you more information that you can share with your groups as they evolve.

The DNAvatar Program will continue to expand over time. You should study all the modules in this series as they are released to help develop your knowledge in this work. In time our certification program will be set up based on the information in these modules.

In addition to our work, the more you know about all the many related topics of interest, the better. But don't let that stop you from getting going. Be OK to just start where you are in your knowledge and let it grow.

Related Topics: Sound Healing, Metaphysics, ESP, Brain/Mind Tech, Quantum Physics, Personal Growth, Self Help, New Age, Psychology, Psychic Development, Philosophy, Eastern Spiritual Traditions, Shamanism, genetics, wave genetics, epigenetics . . . . you get the idea. See our Recommended Reading List to get you started. There are many books coming out all the time which you should continue to explore.

Can I add to this format with other things I have studied or my personal services?

Yes, you can bring in any other related teachings you want. However with that said, our goal here is to make the music the major focal point of these events. So you can certainly create another event and use our music as a minor secondary piece of the program. We want you to be creative and let it evolve very naturally. This is co-creation and collaboration as guided by the higher realms. If you have ideas to explore, you can always talk to JoAnn about them.

Which soundscapes can I use?

You can use any of the soundscapes you have personally engaged with and have some experiences to draw from. Consider the people who are attending and which CD might be most appropriate. You can consider a progressive series of classes to introduce them to the whole catalog eventually. If you are working on the DNA.L2 series, you can start creating more advanced groups with those you have already trained with the DNA Activation LevelOne series. Be sure that all attendees have worked sufficiently with the LevelOne prior.

Can I use any of the guided journeys, podcasts, videos, print materials or webinars in my programs?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so if you want to take things to another step and offer some teaching as well as the experience. You can use the exact materials or you can extract elements from them that you want to teach. You cannot sell or give these materials to your attendees, post online or add to any of your own programs without permission. You can download a copy of our Catalog in PDF format to hand out to people – be sure to add your contact info to the catalog.

Can I host an event where ShapeshifterDNA/Gary & JoAnn Chambers can be there?

We are not that available for traveling but we can be available via SKYPE or Livestream technology or similar. Meaning you could have a computer there and we could appear on screen to answer questions and share information. This could also be done via a speaker phone as well. It may be possible in the future for some live events and some traveling, as well as we may host some events in our area at some future date.

How much do I charge for my events?

This will always be up to you. You can start with Love Offerings, Donations or a Suggested Donation Range. You can also just charge a specific fee if that is what your area is used to for these sorts of events. Just check around to see what other events of a similar nature are charging and you can go from there. In our area, for a simple event such as opening talk, listen to soundscape and closing with sharing, the rates would be from $20 to $35 for a 2.5 hour event. Keep in mind that you will also be able to sell products and you will make commissions on this, so charging a little less for the event or adding a combined package with some CDs would be a good idea. You can also offer intros for free to generate interest if you have space that doesn't cost you a fee to present. You may also choose to do free healing events for groups of people who might be physically challenged or those in hospitals, rehab centers or nursing homes. Use your discretion when bringing the esoteric nature of this work into mainstream institutions; we trust you understand that these teachings have to move into mainstream slowly. We would only recommend you use the beginning soundscapes for these locations and even then it might be controversial if they go deeper into what is being presented, so use wise discretion when selecting your venues and audiences. Not everyone is ready for this type of approach.

What are my commissions?

You will receive a 50% commission on any of the CDs, FLACs/Apple Lossless/MP3s, or books that you sell at your events - this is for bulk sales only at your events. You can take the orders and you would place them all at once by contacting us after your events. You could also purchase product in advance at wholesale prices and receive 50% off the retail price (minimums required), if you have a business license and a sales tax ID. Although these days downloads are becoming the preferred method. There are also cards you can buy and sell downloads which is a really nice way to make sales – as with anything having something with you is a good idea.

In addition, we are recommending that you mail us the names and emails of those who attend so that we can flag them in our system as your customers. We will not send any email or contact these people, just hold them until they become a customer. They will be your customers and any future orders that would come from them through our online store, you will get a 25% commission on their purchases. As a teacher, you will also get 25% commissions on any sales that you send through our shopping cart. We can work out special arrangements as well as needed. Commissions are paid out monthly. A W-9 will be required for incomes over $600 per year.

You can sign up to be an affiliate for the DNAvatar Programs and for any sales on or off line, your commission will be 50% for the DNAvatar Program only. This is a great way to get your own modules paid for.

The DNA.L2 series is an advanced series. We will ask that you use the same level of discretion that we do when offering someone this series. Be sure they have spent considerable time with the LevelOne series as well as the other soundscapes and that they are stable energetically and ready for the acceleration phase of their work. Be sure that they hold a high level of respect for the work.

It is acceptable that you pass on the discount (your commission) you receive to your customers if you want – this is at your discretion. You would need to pre-purchase the items yourself in order to do this. Your cost will remain the same even if you do offer this. Please do not advertise any reduced pricing online however.

What do I offer to Visionary Music in exchange for being a DNAvatar Teacher?

Until we move into a certification program, we are asking you to offer a 10% tithing back to support the continuation of our work. This is not monitored in anyway and always up to you to do so. This 10% would be on the profits you make from an event, so deducting your costs of advertising, rental space and travel. This is attendance fees only and not your commissions. We suggest that you don't send anything until your tithe is at least $50. So you can put it aside and send when you have accumulated some funds.

Is there any support available?

Yes, JoAnn will be available via LiveChat or phone as you need. As the group grows, we can explore other group methods of communications. If any other type of social networking seems appropriate at some point, we can begin that as well. We would certainly encourage those involved in this to also get to know others in the group and perhaps co-creating events together.