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With all the programs available today it is very hard to decide just which one is a good fit for you at this time. We want you to have the opportunity to try some of our powerful QSETechnology offerings for FREE to get you started.

Free Intro Program Power 3 for DNAvatar

The Power 3 Empowerment Meditation Program is a pre-DNA Activation program that will assist you to start the process of focusing your energy and to begin aligning with your DNA blueprint. The full Power 3 program includes a workbook, narratives, experiential guided journey explorations and an attunement (70 minutes total – MP3 audio).

FREE INTRO – You will receive the entire workbook for review along with active download links to the first section, called CLEARING to get started. Plus . . . . BONUS FILE — you will receive your first 10 minutes of our DNA Activation soundscape.

Power 3 Program includes:

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