Affiliate Program
Recycle the Abundance and share our work with your family and friends...

Earn Cash with our Affiliates ProgramAffiliates, Wholesale or DropShip Opportunities

We always appreciate you sharing our products and services with others and love to exchange some green energy with you in return. This program is specifically for our customers who already understand the value of our products -- we find this works the best for our Affiliates. Affiliates will be considered who provide us with a valid website and plans for promotion and marketing efforts. This is not for just placing a link on your site and not providing support or marketing, as we have found this approach does not work for either of us. It is for those who have product marketing experience and enjoy connecting people on the web with Light-based products. We offer a 20% commission on our music, books and programs.

In addition to adding affiliate links to your site, we also offer wholesale and drop ship options, which is really a much better opportunity for you to promote the product directly on your site. This allows you to get the biggest discounts on our products. We require valid proof of website sales and marketing programs for consideration.

You can offer any of the CDs, books, DVDs or programs on the following sites (excluding any novelty items):

You can also sign up as a distributor under us for the Tachyon Product Line and the BioMat Products. If you are interested in either of these, contact us directly and we can talk with you about getting yourself set up as a distributor.

Wholesale Ordering - Hardcopy
We offer Wholesale purchasing for those who would like to carry product in their stores. CDs, Books and DVDs only are available for wholesale purchasing. Contact JoAnn to set up your account. Verification of business license and/or website required to set up account. Worldwide territory.

Wholesale 50% Discount (minimum purchase required)
Minimum 1st Order - $250.00
Minimum re-orders - $75.00
All products are shrink wrapped with UPC codes

If you sell our products on any website, your pricing must be in alignment with our retail prices. You cannot go any lower than 10% discount. You can go higher by 20%. If you sell in a retail store, you can sell at whatever retail price you would like. We do this to honor all of our online retailers to keep the pricing consistent. We thank you for respecting these guidelines.

Wholesale Ordering - Downloads
We do offer the option to sell our Downloads - soundscapes, books and DVDs. We will host the files on our servers and manage the distribution, but you can take the orders on your site without any minimum requirements. We offer a 40% discount for this option.

Drop Shipping - Hardcopy
With our drop shipping service with a 40% discount. You can add any of our CDs, books or DVDs to your own shopping carts, take the payments from your customers and then send us the order for shipping.

International Distributors: We are seeking connections with distributors in other countries. If you feel you have the connections and abilities to make this happen, let us know.

If you want to discuss any of these options, EMAIL JoAnn and she will be in touch.