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Visionary Music & Multimedia creates profound energetic support through Music & Sound designed to reconnect you with your Soul Essence and to Awaken and Activate your Highest Potentials. Our Multidimensional Music utilizing our Quantum Sonic Empowerment Technology (QSET) concepts can greatly support and enhance your current programs for reducing stress, relaxation, contemplation, meditation, enhancing creativity, ESP/psychic development, exercise, jogging, yoga/movement/dance, breathwork/rebirthing, shamanic journeys, soul retrieval, psychophysical integration, DNA Activation, manifestation, abundance generation, massage/reiki/vibrational healing, chakra balancing, kundalini awakening, astral travel/OOBEs, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, brainwave entrainment, rejuvenation of the body temple, multidimensional ascension and all other explorations in consciousness and transformational work that you feel would benefit from these powerful sonic transmissions.

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