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Unlimited License Fee (ULF) - Right of Usage - Licensing

Visionary Music, Inc. authorizes limited usage of any of our soundscapes for a one-time Unlimited License Fee. This ULF is for those who use our music in any environment in which money is being exchanged for your services. This may include workshops, classes (yoga, dance, meditation), therapeutic services like massage, reiki or therapy sessions. For any of our full albums or single soundfiles you can pay a one time fee for unlimited usage (per soundfile). You will receive a document giving you these rights following your purchase. Please keep this on file to show any recording licensing agency such as BMI/ASCAP that you have the rights to play this music in your environment.

For any larger venues, beyond classroom and workshop size, please contact us directly to discuss the licensing fees. We can work out a one time fee or a per event usage based on the scope of the project. Any project that is produced and sold as a product will require a contract. We are open to discuss payment plans plus royalty options. Contact JoAnn to discuss this further.

We appreciate your desire to use our music in your events and your respect to honor the artists by compensating them for their creative works - this is what keeps the creative energy moving/flowing as a giving and receiving form of karmic exchange.
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Unlimited License Fee for Visionary Music Singles

Unlimited License Fee for Visionary Music's full albums