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Tools for Ascension
This section of our catalog contains items that ShapeshifterDNA has personally used in their own unfolding journey. We would like to share them with you to consider when looking for additional tools that will assist you on your evolving adventures into the many multidimensional realms of Light.
Some items are drop shipped and will arrive in a separate shipment.

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Tachyonized Star Dust Amethyst BioMat Tacyhonized Eyepad
We have been using various forms of tacyhon energy products for over 10 years now. Our studios and all our Odyssey spaces are painted with this tachyonized powder. We find it enhances the energy of the room tremendously and it keeps it that way consistently, regardless of what amount of processing work may be done in the rooms. It not only raises the vibrations, it also clears away the density and dross that occurs with deep shamanic spiritual work. The studios are kept in high states at all times and the powder maintains that energy for us, so we can work from our highest place of Light when we create the music and our projects. We fell in love with these mats the first time we layed on them. The spiritual energy emanating from them is awesome and it really enhances the experience of working with our music. It helps to loosen up the various bodies and allows for deeper sensations of Becoming the Music and totally dissolving into sound. We find that our meditation states are much deeper and much more expansive on the mats. If you sleep on them through the night, it will also work on assisting you in your dreaming work. We find that it is easier to hold out of body states for longer periods of time. The programmable aspect of crystal is well know throughout the spiritual worlds, so just use your imagination to see how far you can go while lying on these mats. The amethyst is most powerful, while the jade is more gentle and subtle. The tourmaline has a more grounding energy. Personally we bought a pro mat and a mini-mat so we can cocoon ourselves in the healing warmth.
This is ShapeshifterDNA's favorite meditation tool. Using these tachyonized eyepads during your meditation and shamanic journeying work with our music can be really powerful. They keep the light out of the eyes, relaxes the forehead and softens your face to allow for more expanded clairvoyant visions.
Tacyhonized Chakra Balancing Stones I.Connect
We have used many tachyonized products in our environments for the last several decades. Using these tachyonzed beads can really enhance any work you are doing to balance your chakras as well as your work with clients. When combined with the Odyssey soundscape and the chakra balancing meditation, you can attain a nice balanced state within 20 minutes or less. I.Connect is a tool that serves one comprehensive purpose: CONNECTION. ShapeshifterDNA recommends using various meditation enhancement tools along with our soundscapes. The I.Connect is one of those tools that will help to facilitate your journey of becoming sound and engaging deeply with 5th World frequencies of Light. You can place this on your third eye chakra to initiate, activate and enhance your clairvoyant visions.