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Sound Table Music
We have extensive background using Sound Tables since 1989 - from creating music and using them in therapeutic settings. This is how we initially developed many of our techniques for creating our soundscapes and how our DNA Activation LevelOne series was birthed. We created a souped up Sound Table using Bose Speakers with the inventor of the Somatron, who is still a leader in sound table/bed designs. In our early days we connected our music equipment right up to the sound table and would work with clients creating music in a real time vibrational sound healing session. This was our early start into the amazing and profound work of Sound Healing for transformational processes. All of our music is really suited for all sound tables as we use a full range of sounds from the very high end to the low bass sounds. We like to compliment our Sound Table with an external sound system as well to really immerse oneself fully in the sound field. This room became our Odyssey Sound & Light Temple and has been through many versions from single room to a group space.

To get started with our music, we suggest the Odyssey soundscape as it was designed as our introduction to the sound table. It has a great range of sound so you can really feel the bass tones vibrating the bed. From there really any of the soundcapes will produce profound effects, some will be more subtle, but as you learn to dissolve into the sounds, you will get really good at feeling all the nuances.

When you come to West Coast Florida be sure to stop in and get a ride in our Odyssey Sound room.

The Odyssey is currently Located at the Longhouse Wellness Center in Gulfport/St. Petersburg, Florida • 2309 49th Street South • 727.322.5766

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