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Sound Healing Music
Our music is ideal for any therapeutic settings where creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and safety is important to the success of your treatments. Many healers of all types are using this music in their practices to facilitate a deeper transformational process and awaken their clients natural healing abilities.

We have been actively involved in the sound healing field for over 25 years. Our music has assisted countless numbers of people to achieve higher and higher states of healing. We include in this, healing on all levels from the physical, to the mental, to the emotional and ultimately to the Spiritual. Finding wholeness and wellness should always include a wholistic approach. We cannot heal the body if the world around us is still in chaos because our emotional life is like a roller coaster or we are not centered firmly in our personal spiritual beliefs. Finding peace and harmony through music is a technique or a tool that has been used every since time began. In fact, there are theories and beliefs that the world was nothing but sound before man began to walk the earth.

Our gifts to you at this time, is to extend our energetic reach out into the cosmos and deep into the earth to find those sounds, frequencies and melodic patterns that will assist you, the listener, in finding that place within you where healing can take place. We have spent our lifetime learning deep meditative techniques so that we are adept at shamanically travelling into the multidimensional Omniverse to connect with these frequency based packets of information - we call them Multidimensional-Holographic Frequency Packets (MFPs).

We create original sounds for our soundscapes during these journeys into the beyond. We use our intent to guide us towards just the right sounds for each soundscape we produce. Each project takes years of preparation to bring through. Much like tempering a sword to perfection, each soundscape requires us to live the work, the intention thoroughly, before we can release them to you. Our dedication and our commitment to this process is our life's work. We are mapping the evolutionary process of humankind through sound and music and invite you to join us on this open-ended, non-dogmatic journey into the multidimensional realms of Light and Love. This is the truest form of Conscious Evolution one can explore.

We recommend you experience all of the soundscapes in our catalog for your sound healing explorations. Each one will produce a different effect, depending on the intent you are seeking. If you are not physically well and you are beginning your explorations into this work, we suggest you begin with the Healing and our Touch of Angels soundscape as the place to start. After you are feeling comfortable with that and you feel your body is responding to more Light, then you might want to go to the Odyssey | Empowerment soundscape and start working on balancing the chakra system and expanding the auric field. This is a major piece that is necessary in order to bring about full healing in all areas of your life - body, emotions, mind and spirit. This soundscape will balance the main 7 chakras and then open you up to the Advanced Chakra System (8-15+).

It is also a great idea to go through our Activate Your DNA Training Program to deepen your spiritual foundation and learn some beginning skills in working with Sound for healing and transformation.

Once you feel you are doing better physically and feel more stable, then you can consider taking on the DNA Activation Series. This will assist you in rewiring the genetics you inherited and the karmic patterns you are carrying with you. At the same time or after you have worked with the DNA #1 soundscape, you could work with the ReJuva soundscape. This works to rejuvenate the body temple and can shake up things vibrationally to assist one in detoxing the body from the pollutants that have been taken in.

There are so many levels to self-healing and we all are working at it from our own personal perspective. There is no greater work at this time than to be part of the discovery team that is here to break the spell of illness and disease in the physical form, Then beyond that to rejuvenation and mastering the aging and dying process; there is much work to be done in this field of exploration. We believe this is possible by diving deeply into these sonic landscapes and finding the way to the information you need for your personal journey. Then at some point, you will find your way to sharing this information with others.

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Touch of Angels Sound Healing Music
Healing Music
Price: $15.00


This is a 10 minute soundscape to help you connect deeply with the angelic realms of Light.

This soundscape is our most gentle and calming soundscape - a good place to begin or to sooth the soul.