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Shamanic Journey Music
Our music is ideal for those who love to journey deeply into sound. The flowing nature of our soundscapes are the perfect tool for setting an intent and letting the music take you through the various shamanic realms to obtain knowledge and wisdom. Some of our soundscapes have been composed in real time. This means that the music was created with a consistent stream of consciousness throughout and the download was received in the now moment. This really enables you to navigate from one realm or concept to the next with greater ease. If you prefer using the drumming method to get your shamanic state started, you can do so first and then lay down and play one of these soundscapes and let the magical journeys begin.

While all our soundscapes are excellent for shamanic journeying work, to get started we suggest you start with our Transmissions of Light Codes (TLC) series. These were all done in live events with a group of people all supporting the downloading of higher intention while ShapeshifterDNA brought the music through. They are really powerful and each one will support your journeys to the Underworld, Lower Worlds, Middle Worlds and Upper Worlds.

TLC Aya's Underworld captures the essence of diving deep into the jungles and forests to connect with Mother Earth/GAIA. It contains powerful shamanic style rhythms taking you deeper into earth diving and connecting with power animals for support and guidance. TLC 5th World Emerging is a grand adventure into exploring the shift from a 3D carbon based human to living in a 5D body of Light. Great for movement and deeper explorations into your transformational journey. TLC Journey towards Ascension is a magical journey with the devas, fae and elemental worlds, bridging the physical and etheric realms to expand your communications and connections to this mystical realm. Guidance on lifting your vibration and increasing your Light Quotient fills this adventure.

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TLC Ascension TLC Aya's Underworld TLC 5th World Emerging
TLC Aya's Underworld
Price: $20.00

A gentle piece that gradually guides you through various doorways of ascending spirals. The Aya's Underworld soundscape is a deep journey into the shamanic underworld. The 5th World Emerging is an adventurous journey into the evolutionary stages of shifting to a 5th World reality.