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Reiki Music
Reiki healing has become a very popular modality amongst today's alternative health community and is a powerful tool in the vibrational healing realms. Many of the Reiki forms do not use music, but for those that do, several of our soundscapes are ideal for doing this work. With Reiki sessions, one follows the energy flows of their client and assists as guided to place there hands in certain locations or to focus on specific symbols while calling forth various energetics. All energy healing and vibrational healing sessions can benefit by adding consciously created music to their sessions. Our DNA Activation music was created in this way so it only makes sense that it can be used by others this way too.

Our music technology was connected to our sound healing table and while doing vibrational healing sessions on a client, music was being channeled in real time to accompany these sessions. The results of this process were many hours of recorded music. You will find that when used in your sessions that it can guide you as well as follow you as you work with the energy dynamics presented by your clients. There is a natural flow with this music that takes you in and out of density and lightness to enable the client to release and let go into the higher states of bliss. The DNA Activation CDs are not recommended for beginners, but more for those who have done a fair amount of spiritual growth work and understand the process of cleansing, releasing and letting go in order to get on the other side of a blocked issue.

The Healing, Sanctuary, Journey towards Ascension, Touch of Angels and Journey of the Soul soundscapes are all very gentle and recommended for beginners or those who are in a delicate state, either physically or emotionally. If your clients do well with these, the next session you could begin with the DNA Activation LevelOne #1 and see how they do.

Shamballa is a very deep soundscape and should be used for those seasoned spiritual travelers. This along with DNA #3 & #4 are more for those who are comfortable traversing multidimensional landscapes. For those doing Shamballa Reiki, this soundscape is ideal as it assists in connecting with the ascended master energy in the Shamballa matrix.

As always, we recommend that the healer work with this music first so they have an idea of where it can take you. This will give you the background and experience necessary to know what to use for your clients. You can dowse or muscle test as guided as well to determine which soundscape might be suitable for your client's session that day. You will gradually develop an intuition for what soundscape is best.

NOTE: While there is currently no licensing for playing music without paying a royalty fee for usage, we do appreciate that you mention to your client the music that was played as a way of honoring the part the music played and to allow them the opportunity to purchase the music to support our work further. It is also available for you to offer Donations as you feel guided. If you start to use the music as a predominant tool for your therapy sessions, then we do ask that you submit for a one-time Unlimited Licensing Fee per soundscape.
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Touch of Angels Sound Healing Music Shamballa CD
Healing Music
Base Price: $2.00

Shamballa~Journey Home
Base Price: $7.00


This is a 10 minute soundscape to help you connect deeply with the angelic realms of Light.

This soundscape is our most gentle and calming soundscape - a good place to begin or to sooth the soul. This soundscape connects one to the ascended masters to receive higher spiritual teachings.
Sanctuary TLC Ascension
Abundance Series: Sanctuary
Base Price: $7.00

TLC Journey towards Ascension
Base Price: $7.00

Journey of the Soul
Base Price: $11.00

A place we all call Home - a Sanctuary where we can retreat to when we need to go within to our private inner space. A gentle piece that gradually guides you through various doorways of ascending spirals. This soundscape explores the Journey of the Soul from the beginnings as a pulse and vibration.