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Chakra Balancing Sleep Program DNAvatar Program
Power 3 Meditation Program
Special Programs and Webinars
We offer a variety of webinars, training programs and online events to help you learn more about our work. Some of these events are live and some are recorded later and made available for purchase here.
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Power 3 Sleep Program
Power 3 Meditation Program
Price: $49.00
Updated Price: 9.99
You save $39.01!
Sleep Program
Price: $22.95
Updated Price: 16.95
You save $6.00!

1 Minute Chakra Balancing Program
Price: $24.99
Updated Price: 18.99
You save $6.00!

The Power 3 Program gets you started on your journey towards learning how to meditate with our multidimensional QSET music.
Guided journey program designed to help you get to sleep more quickly and attain deeper states of healing during sleep.
Chakra Balancing program to align your main 7 chakras in less than 1 minute.

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DNAvatar Module #1
DNAvatar Module #1
Price: $129.00
Updated Price: 49.00
You save $80.00!

For those dedicated to activating their divine DNA codex.