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Odyssey | Empowerment
Odyssey Empowerment
Odyssey | Empowerment

Odyssey | Empowerment initially balances the main 7 chakra system. From there it awakens and activates the Advanced Chakra System 8-15+. As we are evolving, as a species, we are extending our abilities to connect with the higher realms. This increases our range of frequencies that we can engage with. This soundscape is created to help you access these higher templates by gradually opening up your personal frequency spectrum. As you listen, start to engage more deeply with your multidimensional matrix. Set the intention to call forth balance and alignment with your higher chakra system.

NOTE: This soundscape is an updated version of our original Odyssey Balancing soundscape.

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NOTE: Our Soundscapes are considered For Personal Use Only - It is available to Purchase an Unlimited License Fee for use in therapeutic settings, workshops and classes.


Bargain Hunters Let's face it, sometimes we all just need a coupon or a bargain to get us in the mood to purchase something we don't really have to have for our 3D existance. For those on a tight or fixed budget, as well as those who don't quite realize the amazing value of this work just yet and are still exploring it.

Supporters of Light Regardless of your current budget, by this time you know the value of the work we produce and the quality of the music you are getting so you LOVE to spend a little extra to give us a nudge along the way. Your gift shows the respect and understanding of what it takes to bring these soundscapes forth.

Conscious Financial Angels This level is for those who are jiggy with the financial flows of energy, understand the waves of ABUNDANCE exchange and absolutely LOVE to support the Evolutionary Creative Artist to continue to do what they do best. You understand that tithing towards these types of projects support the global evolutionary waves on many levels.

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Composer's Cut with Gary - Part 1
Composer's Cut with Gary - Part 2

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Odyssey/Empowerment December 16, 2016
Reviewer: RITA GARTHSON from REGINA, SK Canada  
From the first time I listened to Odyssey I began to feel an energy moving deep inside starting at my root chakra. So far I am experiencing  more peace within and clarity of mind.

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Excellent transformational music July 15, 2016
Reviewer: Phillip Walker from st. Petersburg, FL United States  
I'm very happy to have met JoAnn during my inner work. I get a lot from her and her husband's music. The journeys are deep and productive.

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Super transforming! July 5, 2016
Reviewer: Domas Kucinskas from Vilnius, Pilaite Lithuania  
Very transformative and relaxing, like being on clouds. Many changes within occured. Felt in love with everything around, acceptance and letting everything be as it is. Spiritual not sexual passion for a girlfriend. It's gradually changing my life! Love the sounds, especially vocals. Thank you!

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Absolutely ego-devastating! June 7, 2016
Reviewer: Gabriel Blomqvist from Eslöv, Skåne, Sweden  
This cd can make me a bit dizzy if I listen to much, but it is sort of highly addictive. I receive insights about whatever is on my mind and receive a lot of energy, frequency and vibration from it. To me cd is similar to DNA 1.5. Surprisingly non-intensive for being DNAL3.

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Wonderful! Every step we're taking is bliss! April 17, 2016
Reviewer: Rev. Ronald G. Cosseboom from Arvada, CO United States  
Gary and JoAnn have been friends for a very long time both on this plane and others, and each time they produce the "next level" I'm elated.  My Spirit sings when I listen to the evolutionary sounds and feel my true being awaken to the Truth of who we are!  For those who are truly searching for who they are and realizing their Oneness with the Universe, this is the next step!  Prepare for your expansion into the Higher Realms as this is the NEXT LEVEL of your unfolding into the Cosmic Life we all share!  If you have successfully opened to Level I and II you are ready for this next step!  Rev. Ronald G.

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