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Music for Yoga
Many of our soundscapes can enhance Yoga sessions. It can be used quietly as background or bring it up to the foreground for closing the class with a deep meditation in savasana. Several of our soundscapes create an ideal harmonious flow state which is ideal for any healing settings where creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and Love is important to the success of your classes.

The following soundscapes from our catalog are the most ideally suited for Yoga Sessions.

The first 2 soundscapes in the DNA Activation Series are ideal for yoga settings, as they play continuously and flow in and out of various energetic spaces that will support the deepening inner journey of your sessions. DNA Activation is a process that can easily be brought into a Yoga class by having students focus on the cellular level of their body for transformation, enlightenment and raising kundalini energy.

ReJuva is good for a more active type of yoga class, in that it has various movements in it that shift and change themes as it progresses. Its focus is on rejuvenating the body temple, so it is ideal when working deeply with transformational yoga work.

The Shamballa soundscapes is a very powerful transmission for those aware of the legends of Shamballa - the magical city where you can go once you raise your vibration to the same resonance. It is a very deep soundscape, excellent for a progressive yoga class that ends in a meditation or guided journeys.

Odyssey is excellent for yoga classes that focus on chakra balancing and kundalini sessions.

Healing, Sanctuary, Journey towards Ascension and Journey of the Soul are considered a good beginning soundscape to work with before introducing students to the more potent soundscapes. They are quiet, serene and beautiful and provides an excellent background to any yoga class.

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Sound Healing Music TLC Ascension ReJuva CD
Healing Music
Price: $15.00

This soundscape is our most gentle and calming soundscape - a good place to begin or to sooth the soul. A gentle piece that gradually guides you through various doorways of ascending spirals. ReJuva awakens and renews the body temple for deeper rejuvenation and anti-aging effects.
Shamballa CD Sanctuary
Shamballa~Journey Home
Price: $22.00

Journey of the Soul
Price: $25.00

This soundscape connects one to the ascended masters to receive higher spiritual teachings. A place we all call Home - a Sanctuary where we can retreat to when we need to go within to our private inner space. This soundscape explores the Journey of the Soul from the beginnings as a pulse and vibration.