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Meditation Music
Our music is ideal for various meditation practices where the usage of sound is preferred - Relaxation, Deep Meditation, Shamanic Journeys, Ascension Dynamics & Altered States of Consciousness Explorations.

Multidimensional music created by evolved cyber-shamans
in advanced states of meditation that will assist you
in attaining higher states of consciousness
which enables you to connect with alternate dimensions of reality

Often it is difficult for one to meditate in total silence, however using consciously created music is an ideal way to reach higher and higher states of bliss and nirvana. Our music is very organic and flowing in its essential nature - layers within layers, which allow you to navigate through different landscapes each time you listen. As you focus your breath, taking the sounds deeper into your being as you breathe in, you will move gradually through states of alpha, theta and delta brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Holding one's focus is often a challenge when learning how to meditate. It is common to fall asleep and lose awareness on what you are trying to accomplish. Using this music is an excellent way to engage the mind in a non-linear, right brained activity. This enables you to let go of the analytical mind and all the thoughts that accompany your daily life. The more you learn how to drop into the music, ultimately feeling it with your entire being, finally becoming the sound and dissolving awareness of the physical world, the more powerful and deep your meditation journeys will go.

You will find that this process of using multidimensional sound can become an alternate form of therapy as you learn to connect with your higher guidance teams. Information can be obtained from this place that will enable you to make choices and decisions in your life based on a higher state of Love, Compassion and Understanding. This process gradually and consistenly increases your Light Quotient each day and begins to bring forth the manifestation of self healing abilities, intuitive/psychic awareness, actualization of your dreams and desires and an opening to greater abundance in all levels of your life. You can use multidimensional sound as a carrier wave for expanding your spiritual development towards out of body travels, time traveling, remote viewing, teleportation, shapeshifting and all forms of transmutation of the dense physical form into a body of Light.

To get started, you might begin with our Healing, Touch of Angels or Sanctuary soundscape as they are the best place to begin to gently start on this expansive journey. From there, the DNA Activation Series is an excellent to play during your meditation because they have a natural flow that takes you in and out of various earthly and other worldly landscapes. As you drop into the music, becoming the music more and more, you will find that you'll have amazingly vivid landscapes that unfold from your awakening third eye. For those who are working with a kundalini style of Yoga, these are also excellent to assist in all areas of your enlightenment process. The more fluid you allow your etheric bodies to become, the easier these goals will be obtained.

We recommend you work with our DNAvatar Program to learn the various skills and techniques to get you started. Begin with our Become the Music flash movie to get started. These modules are available as individual downloads.

All of the other soundscapes in the catalog are excellent for your meditation journeys and we recommend that you eventually get the entire catalog so you have a wide variety of soundscapes to choose from from your mediation practice.

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