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Music for Massage
Our music enhances all types of Healing sessions, Energy work & Transformational Therapies. Our music is ideal for any therapeutic settings where creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and safety is important to the success of your treatments. Many healers of all types are using this music in their practices to facilitate a deeper transformational process and awaken their clients natural healing abilities. These soundscapes are ideally suited because there is a flowing nature to them that allows both the therapist and the client to flow into deeper and deeper states of relaxation and healing during the session. Depending on the type of session you are doing, you can choose the soundscape that is most suitable for that session. We often recommend dowsing or muscle testing a client to determine which CD might be appropriate for each session, but using your intuition is also valuable.

All massage, energy healing, spa treatments and vibrational healing sessions can benefit by adding consciously created music to their sessions. Our DNA Activation music was created in this way. Our music creation technology was hooked up to our sound healing table and while doing healing sessions on a client, music was being channeled in real time to accompany these sessions. The results of this process were many hours of recorded music that when used during a session, you will find that it can guide you as well as follow you as you work with the energy presented by your clients. There is a natural flow with this music that takes you in and out of density and lightness to enable the client to release and let go into the higher states of bliss.

The Odyssey soundscape can be used to combine chakra balancing work along with the massage. It is a bit on the busy site, so you just have to determine if it feels right. When played in a quiet environment as background music, it can be quite nice.

Healing, Sanctuary, Journey towards Ascension, Touch of Angels and Journey of the Soul are all pretty gentle and recommended for beginners or those who are in a delicate state, either physically or emotionally. If your clients do well with this and enjoy the style of sounds, the next session you could begin with the DNA Activation LevelOne #1 and see how they do.

Shamballa is a very deep soundscape and should be used for those seasoned spiritual travelers. This along with DNA #3 & #4 are more for those who are comfortable traversing multidimensional landscapes and comfortable resolving darker passages.

ReJuva can be used very nicely with massage as the intro begins with a good 60 beat per minute to match the heartbeat. One can sink very quickly into a relaxed state. The rest of the soundscape provides adventure and joy-filled spaces where the client can journey as they are unwinding from there day. All levels can use this soundscape from beginners to more advanced.

As always, we recommend that the healer work with this music first so they have an idea of where it can take you. This will give you the background and experience necessary to know what to use for your clients. This will help you to intuit which soundscape is best for which client.

NOTE: While there is currently no licensing for playing music without paying a royalty fee for usage, we do appreciate that you mention to your client the music that was played as a way of honoring the part the music played and to allow them the opportunity to purchase the music to support our work further. It is also available for you to offer Donations as you feel guided. If you start to use the music as a predominant tool for your therapy sessions, then we do ask that you submit for a one-time Unlimited Licensing Fee per soundscape.

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Touch of Angels Sound Healing Music TLC Ascension
Healing Music
Price: $15.00


This is a 10 minute soundscape to help you connect deeply with the angelic realms of Light.

This soundscape is our most gentle and calming soundscape - a good place to begin or to sooth the soul. A gentle piece that gradually guides you through various doorways of ascending spirals.
ReJuva CD Shamballa CD
Shamballa~Journey Home
Price: $22.00

Journey of the Soul
Price: $25.00

ReJuva awakens and renews the body temple for deeper rejuvenation and anti-aging effects. This soundscape connects one to the ascended masters to receive higher spiritual teachings. This soundscape explores the Journey of the Soul from the beginnings as a pulse and vibration.