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Chakra Balancing Music
Our Chakra Music balances the chakra system, expands the auric field and grounds your energy. A very powerful combination that is the necessary first step to all of the more advanced spiritual development work you will do. There are many different types of music available today for balancing the chakras. All of the approaches are valid and we encourage you to explore as many as you feel guided to. We approach this work from a shamanic perspective which means that we connect to Source Vibration, get very clear on our intentions and focus for the soundscape and then allow the information to download into our consciousness. Our chakra balancing soundscape is called Odyssey | Empowerment.

We created the original Odyssey soundscape to begin one's work in our sound & light healing temple which is called the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple. This soundscape has been replaced in 2016 by the Odyssey | Empowerment release, which now includes the Advanced Chakra System of 1 through 14 or beyond (depending on what system you subscribe to).

The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple environment is comprised of a sound table with various energy enhancement tools to hold the higher levels of Light for long periods of time. When people came to us initially to work in this Energy Enhancement Environment, we wanted to teach them how to attain a state of consciousness where they were fully aware and conscious, but yet in a deep state of meditation. This is where the most profound healing and transformational work can be done. Whether you are working on transforming a physical dis-ease or dis-comfort in the physical body, trying to understand the higher aspects of your interpersonal relationships or seeking to connect with your higher guidance teams - balancing the chakras is a very important aspect that can enhance all these goals with better results. When one places a focused state of intention on the process of maintaining balanced chakras, the results can be quite profound and ultimately more lasting and transformative.

Chakra System featuring 12 main vortexesThe Odyssey soundscape has some deep bass lines running throughout this composition. This allows the body to be subtly massaged and vibrated during the session. This is why it is so ideal for Sound Table sessions. Surfing on top of the bass notes are melody lines and waves of sound that assist in loosening up the energy/etheric bodies; which creates the feelings of floating, modulating, undulating and swirling. There is also a continual toning sequence that plays the note for each chakra, gradually opening and raising the vibration of each. It is good to play this soundscape on a good external speaker system and turn the volume up a bit louder than background music and not as loud as rock n roll. You want to let the physical and subtle bodies engage with the music, with the goal ultimately being to BECOME the Music - dissolving into sound. As you let go more and more, releasing yourself into the music, you'll find that you will feel almost like liquid, moving to a state of formlessness. As when one drops the pebble in the pond and the ripples extend out - imagine this happening to your etheric bodies. Try to feel the notes hitting places in your physical body and then see if you can travel with it way out beyond your body. We call this technique "Modulating the Lifewave."
This release is also excellent for headphone listening as it immerses you in an expansive field of energy so that you can engage all the chakras, specifically those above the main 7.

At some point you might want to get a chakra reading with JoAnn so that you can learn more about where your current blocks or resistances are in your system. She will help you understand your charkra system from a very expanded level and how you can work on certain areas of your life to bring it into a higher state of balance more of the time. It is easier to bring your chakras into balance during meditations, but the challenging part is to maintain it. She can help you with this process along with the Odyssey soundscape and guided journey. Visit JoAnn's spiritual guidance website at The 3rd Eye.

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Odyssey Empowerment
Odyssey | Empowerment
Price: $28.00

Balances, expands and grounds the basic 7 chakras. Activates and awakens the Advanced Chakra System 8-14.