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Brainwave Music - Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions | QSET
While our music is not specifically created to be the type of brainwave entrainment music you may be accustomed to working with, it does produce similar effects and then some. We do not use any subliminals, binaural beats, alternate tunings, solfeggio or special brainwave technology under the music to produce these effects. We use an evolutionary shamanic approach, which we have learned from many lifetimes of creating music for evolutionary cycles. This is a much more holistic approach and more holographic in the scope of dimensional connections that can be made. It can serve some of the same purposes and intentions for those who are using brainwave entrainment music or sound. Because we have worked with the others, we would say they are the training wheels for this type of music. Once you step into this expansive field of sound, you will understand this better. But initially you may need to explore many of these other styles in order to really know what we are talking about.

For us, there is no special technique to what we do that can be duplicated easily. Certainly there is training that one could do with the technology needed to create the music. But the real development is from the composer/musician, which is a spiritual enlightenment process that cannot be taught. It is something that an individual chooses to focus on lifetime after lifetime to master. Gary Chambers has dedicated his entire lifetime to the mastery of this type of sound and he will admit he still has a long way to go as the power and potential of this work is so vast, that he sees no end in sight for the possibilities. We call this process he has developed, Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions (QSET) as a way to capture the essence of this expansive body of work.

His process is to go directly to Source Vibration, setting a strong intent to connect with the Universal realms of knowledge and wisdom in order to bring through whatever it is he is holding focus upon. This is something that requires a whole lifestyle of support around it to bring it through -- meditation, diet, solitude, inner peace. Really no different than any other style of music if you think about it as each has its lifestyle attached to it. But this work requires a deepening of spiritual explorations into the multidimensional realms of Light and pushing those boundaries and seeing what is ahead for the evolution of humanity. Truly going where no man has gone before!

We have learned over the years, that this is the process, this is our technique if there is one. Certainly we have studied and have learned many things on an academic level, but once that is said and done, we have only to let go and receive the sounds/transmissions/downloads as they come. We shift into natural states of deep meditation and we design the sounds we use in our soundscapes by reaching out with our consciousness to connect our intentions to a range of frequencies (knowledge). We receive a transmission, a download and a confirmation that lets us know the sound is finished. We sense into the sound and find the right pitch, amplitude and harmonics that create the effect we are seeking - Modulating the Lifewave. This is a lengthy process and always requires a step up for us in our lives to bring them through. Each piece brings us new challenges based on the intent set forth for the music.

If you have been working with other music in this brainwave entrainment genre, we encourage you to continue exploring them and adding our soundscapes to your collection. Our music has an organic feel to it that at first can often seem odd or unusual to some people; to others it feels like coming home and connecting deeply to your Soul. If you commit to listening to them initially at least 7 times in a deep meditation, you will find that they start to find resonance within you and you'll find them to be amazing in how they unfold in new and magical ways each time you listen. The more you let go into becoming and dissolving into sound, the more appreciation you will have with this music. We do recommend that you play our soundscapes on a good external speaker system as well as with a good set of headphones, as this really enhances the overall experience of engaging with multidimensional sounds. You want to have sound systems that play a wide range of sound from the low bass to mid range to the high end tweeter. You can also use them on any of the systems that have additional bells and whistles to entrain and empower the mind - radionics, mind wave, sound tables, etc. This is definitely music for the explorer of the human consciousness.

For beginners in connecting the body, the mind and the spirit for the purpose of healing the body temple or soothing the emotions, you will find that these soundscapes can take you deep within your being to find and make these connections a permanent part of your life. HOWEVER, a WORD OF CAUTION - don't under estimate the power of Sound, especially consciously produced sound to affect the brain and the entire bio-energetic structure. This music is powerful and transformative. If you don't know what that means, we suggest you talk with us first and see where you should start. We have beginner soundscapes to get you started that will be a great benefit to you.

In addition to the brainwave entrainment music, many people interested in this subject also seek experiences such as out of body experiences, astral traveling, remote viewing and time traveling. This can also lead one into various realms of alchemy, transfiguration, transmigration and teleportation. We believe all these things are possible with practice, patience and sincere intent to make it so. You will find that using our soundscapes will increase your abilities in these areas. Again for the seasoned traveller, not for the beginner.

The DNA Activation Series is a really good place to being these explorations, as they have a lot of panning and shifting that takes place, similar to some of the binaural beat music. You'll find after each one finishes that you'll be in an advanced whole brain state and can easily move into theta and delta states as you continue working with them. The DNA 1.5 Lucidity and the DNA.L2 series feature more advanced technoloogy so their effects are even more profound. You should start with LevelOne to lay the foundational templates anyway, but if you are a seasoned traveller, you can move on to the higher levels more quickly. As our work continues to evolve, each new release employs the latest in technology as well as we are attaining more advanced states of consciousness. We recommended you continue to expand your journeys with each soundscape in our catalog, as each provides a different range of experience and magical places for exploration.

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