TLC Aya's Underworld
TLC Aya's Underworld
TLC Aya's Underworld

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This soundscape is has a lot of energy, movement and powerful shamanic rhythms, taking you deeper and deeper into the Underworlds. Contains some deep shamanic chanting to assist in the Underworld adventure. There are many dark passages to assist you in delving into your subconscious realms where lost power and energy will be found. The Underworld is filled with lost power and strength which can be used to walk deeper into your spiritual path of becoming. It can also be a scary, fear-filled world if one enters these realms without support of the Light. This soundscape will assist you in incremental steps to take this journey via multidimensional sound and show you how to reclaim/recapture your hidden powers so that you can further actualize your personal mission with strength and resolve.
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Shamanic Delight May 17, 2015
Reviewer: James Frampton from Perth, Western Australia Australia  
I loved this album of Aya's Underworld.  Whilst having been engaged in the DNA Activation series, Levels 1 & 2 of Shapeshifter,  primarily focused on raising one's vibrational frequencies for a good few years, these frequencies gave me a sense of re-connecting with Mother Earth, Gaia, and her beauty and power.  Filled with tribal and shamanic rhythms it felt the music was traveling within into any dark places and the shadow-self weeding out blocked and stagnant energy, and opening up energy channels into the Earth's energy, through my feet and lower chakras. Excellent transformative music for grounding and energizing oneself with primal base chakra Earth energy.

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Love it! February 22, 2013
Reviewer: Dianne Allen from St. Petersburg, FL United States  
Wonderful! I am listening to it now. My life has been continuously transforming since first listening to your music.

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Deep, Double Dip October 20, 2012
Reviewer: Sharon H. from Largo, FL United States  
Wow, this one was so amazing - I set myself up to go to the Lower Worlds and then to the Underworlds - I was taken on this amazing journey into the darkness that lies deep within me, but I was able to bring in the Light from the soundscape to transform it. I feel so much more empowered, this CD is truly a powerful transmission.

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Aya's Underworld May 12, 2010
Reviewer: DeAnne Hampton from Asheville, NC United States  
There is music and then there is "visionary" music... there is sound and then there is consciousness ever finding a way to touch deeply who we are beyond the illusion of density and matter.

I have known the work of Shapeshifter for a decade and have evolved with them in the journey of their work, their lives of expansion and their supreme access to Universal Codes of Light. Their knowledge and understanding of sound as a vehicle of ascension has enabled them to tap into the higher octaves of our earth events, capture the lightwaves of that energetic and then channel  them into transformational frequencies. Those who work with and understand this work can then use the soundscapes to go directly to the higher intent and purpose within all experiences here.

Aya's Underworld can really not be articulated with any words I might find in the human language... it IS the vibration of your body deep within. It is every memory of your primal, ancient and tribal ancestry, a journey of remembrance and power as you gather up the many facets of your Self as a Universal Being Of Light. Everything we are and have yet to fully recognize about ourselves as vibrational vehicles is mirrored within the exquisite beauty, depth, intent and landscape of high magic of this transmission. Gaia's love, her vast nature, her fierceness and inclusive spaciousness can be found again and again within ongoing layers each time you journey with Aya's Underworld. I feel deeply a yearning power that I sense as a synergy of my beingness and hers. A profound reminder that there is, indeed no separation and that our consciousness extends far beyond our conceptual understanding, these Light Waves of pure energy and love will envelope you in your own willingness to return to Oneness, to let go of your separation and move fearlessly into the greater purpose of your time here on planet Earth.

DeAnne Hampton
The New Human
Asheville, NC

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