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Amethyst BioMat
Amethyst BioMat
Amethyst BioMat

The Amethyst BioMat not only for a pain & stress management tool, but for all those working on ascension programs. Lying on a bed of amethyst, jade or tourmaline enhances the work you are doing with our music. It allows you to let go into a higher bliss state much quicker with the support of the crystals, especially the amethyst models. We used these mats in our TLC concerts to allow people to lie down in a bed of crystals while having the music surround them in a sea of bliss.

The mats include Far Infrared, which is a natural lightwave technology that heats the body via light waves instead of direct heat like a heating pad. This allows the head to penetrate the body much deeper than other hot pads. They also deliver negative ions which increases inter-cellular communications. This allows for an increase in cellular nutrient uptake and cellular hydration, ultimately allowing for optimal cellular metabolism. The entire top layer of the mat is filled with Amethyst crystals which are known for their calming and healing effects. The amethyst crystal is one of the most spiritual forms of crystal energy that many spiritual healers work with during their session. This combination is extremely powerful for all spiritual exploration work.

Mats can be shipped all over the planet - we will let you know the shipping costs for overseas orders.

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Info TechSpecs
The most extraordinary Pain & Stress Management Tool available today ~ also excellent for spiritual explorations. The BioMat is 80 times more effective than electric heat.

Amethyst Crystals
Powerful super conductor
Helps endocrine balance
Calms the mind
Cleansing and detoxifying
Stabilizes nervous system
Stimulates deep sleep

Far Infrared
Strengthens immune system
Increases energy & vitality
Eases joint pain
Reduces inflammation
Supports detoxification
Penetrates tissue deeply
Relieves stress and fatigue
Helps increase circulation
Stimulates enzyme activity
Improves lymphatic flow
Balances pH
Relieves pain & much more

Negative Ions
Improves sleep quality
Relieves joint-related pains
Promotes deep relaxation
Soothes muscular pain
Promotes better digestion
Enhances brain function
Boosts immune system
Increases blood circulation
Strengthens cardiovascular system

The AMETHYST BIOMAT is an advanced therapeutic product created with research by Engineers, Scientists and Medical Professionals. It works effectively for Professional or home use. Three individual properties combine together for greater therapeutic benefit than from each individual property alone; the power of tri-synergy. Far-Infrared, Negative Ions, and Amethyst assist our human system to create an "alkaline" versus acidic pH, increase circulation and blood flow, and assist with elimination and detoxification of waste materials.

The AMETHYST BIOMAT works simply by lying on it. The AMETHYST BIOMAT is a U.S. F.D.A. Licensed Medical Device (#2954299); (Medical Doctor's have written prescriptions for this product for symptoms including arthritis, circulation, depression, neuropathy, pain, insomnia, paralysis and more).

Surveys indicate that over one-third of people seeking help for symptoms and other problems use alternative therapies as their treatment of choice. For those Professionals practicing Allopathic/Western Medicine, the option of integrating Eastern or Holistic practices for your patients expands your treatment alternatives. For those Professionals in the Eastern or Holistic fields such as Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, the AMETHYST BIOMAT acts as an adjunct to your existing practice. For individuals the AMETHYST BIOMAT works at home simply by lying on it.

FAR-INFRARED (FIR): Sunlight and even FIR Sauna's are examples of FIR energy as they have the ability to provide warmth and penetrate beneath our skin surface. FIR penetrate several inches through the body benefitting not only surface muscles but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves as well. FIR creates an effect similar to our own immune system function which creates a fever to burn off harmful bacteria, although FIR creates an "artificial fever" helping our human system to reduce excess waste materials by sweat and detoxification. Studies suggest that FIR stimulates the production of cell tissue and rapidly helps regenerate the blood/skin and tissue exposed to it. Cellular metabolic processes seem to speed up, helping to heal burns and other damaged cell tissue. FIR helps reduce swelling and inflammation, increase blood flow, balance pH by decreasing acidity, improve immune system function, reduce stress and fatigue, eases joint pain and stiffness, speeds up our metabolism/burns calories, removes toxins, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar, increases vitality and muscle strength, hormone regulation, assists with chronic constipation, reduces cholesterol, detoxify heavy metals, and more. NASA first discovered FIR over thirty years ago and we all can benefit from its' safe and wonderful effect on our human system.

NEGATIVE IONS (NI): A major factor to provide energy to our human system. Our air contains both Negative and Positive Ions; NI are simply molecules with an extra electron. It is the NI of oxygen that benefits us most. Tons of NI are felt after a heavy rain and lightning storm, as well as when we are near the ocean, near waterfalls, in clean mountain air, and even when taking a shower. The measured NI count in a cm in fresh country air is over 2000, near Nigara and Yosemite Falls over 100,000; yet in polluted cities, enclosed office buildings and in LA rush hour traffic 50 to 100. Negative Ions are abundantly found in fresh healthy air and Positive Ions proliferate in our indoor and outdoor polluted and stressed environments. NI have been found to purify the blood ( as NI increases the Ions in Calcium and natrulm in the blood, the blood is purified increasing the blood alkaline ), kill germs/prevent infections, increase elimination/detoxification, increase cell function, promote alpha brain waves/higher awareness levels/reduce anxiety, increase metabolism, assist with allergies, speed up burn pain recovery/faster healing, increase sex drive, energy levels, decrease seretonin/histamine, and more. Positive Ions (PI) overload leads to insomnia, migraines, depression, fatigue, allergies, nausea, irritability, swelling, vertigo, heart palpitations, and more. Ionization of the air is mandatory in many European and Russian hospitals. Many believe that NI are like Vitamins in the air and are the "fountain of youth" for a healthy functioning human system.

AMETHYST: Amethyst naturally emits FIR energy and has been revered for centuries for its' vibrational frequencies and its' detoxifying/healing abilities. It has been used by Royalty throughout the centuries. Many believe it has the ability to increase consciousness and psychic awareness. Ancient cultures called it the "peace" stone as they found it balanced mental as well as physical energies and lessened the effects of stress. The Ancient Greeks' believed that Amethyst had the ability to assist with the addiction to, and effects of, alcohol and other substances. Amethyst has been used by Royalty for Centuries, and is also mentioned in the Bible.

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